In case of unexpected absences from work, please contact Mrs. Sims @ 831-1418 between 5:30 and 6:00 A.M.If you do not get an answer, leave a message; it will be received.Your emergency sub folder in the office will be used for such unforeseen emergencies.  When you return to work there will be an absence report in your mailbox.  Sign and return to office.

If you are requesting a sick day, fill out a request form in the workroom and submit to Mrs. Sims for approval.

For personal and professional days, you need to fill out a request online as soon as possible.


The AAP is designed to provide academic assistance for students.Students may choose to get extra help or teachers may reserve space and assign students to participate due to failure to complete assignments.Students will receive help from teachers and peer tutors.AAP Reservation Slips are located in the workroom.


The supervising teacher must fill out an accident report form whenever a student or an adult is injured on school grounds or at a school-sponsored activity.The report forms may be received from the office or nurse.


AllWillardMiddle School meetings and events need to be scheduled through the principal’s office.The dates will be placed on the calendar and publicized.No organizations should meet without the permission and presence of the supervising teacher.

WillardMiddle School offers all of the following activity opportunities to our students:

Academic Assistance Program (peer tutoring) – Linda Haag

Young Chefs – Becky Treadway

Band – Chris Church

Basketball Boys and Girls – Matt Stone and Scott Mcgee

Cheerleading – Tanna Feldman and Vickie Feldman

Choir – MacKenzie McKinney

Peer Ambassadors – Marsha Crotts

Cross Country Boys and Girls – Debra Ellis

FCCLA – Whitney Mayfield

Football – Ty Bills or Garry Highfill

Foreign Language Club – Elaine Damron

National Junior Honor Society – Camie Jennings

Student Council – Jennifer Coffer and Amy Sims

Track Boys and Girls – John Post or Josh Ladd

Volleyball – MacKenzie McKinney

Wrestling – Glenn Cozzens and Lucas Wiester

Tiger Tailgating - Vickie Feldman and Lonnie Compton


Trips or events need to be scheduled two weeks ahead of time by completing a transportation request form online.A faculty member should be on each bus taken and should also stay with the students until all have been picked up after the trip.Field trip guidelines copy was provided at faculty registration.


TheWillardMiddle School has an advisory program and we devote 22 minutes per day to this program.Advisory activities are up to the individual teacher or team.


Teachers are to arrive at school no later than 7:10 A.M. and leave no earlier than

2:50 P.M.All teachers need to be supervising the hallways from 7:20 - 7:40 A.M. and 2:30-2:35 P.M.



We will be using the SIS program for attendance.You need to report your absences during the first 15 minutes of each class period.The teacher’s grade book is the official record of absences, so it is very important that you keep accurate attendance records for each of your classes.If the student enters the room sixteen minutes after the bell, they are to be counted absent.Call the office immediately if a student is absent from your class but was present the previous hour. 


Students are tardy if they arrive in class up to fifteen minutes after the bell.Inform the student if they are counted tardy and record in your grade book.Upon the fourth tardy and subsequent times late to class, please send a Late to Class Notice to the office at your convenience.The forms are located in the workroom file cabinet.They will call down the student at a later time for disciplinary actions.The office requires the teacher to contact parents before the fourth tardy takes place.

Late Arrival/Early Dismissal:

Students who are late to school must first sign in with the office before reporting to class.They will receive either a pass or an admit slip, depending on the reporting time.Please verify if the student should be charged late.

Students should obtain an Early Dismissal slip from the office before school.Please send students to the office to sign out before they leave campus.


WMS offers breakfast in the cafeteria from 7:10 to 7:29 A.M.Students: $1.40 and $.30 reduced.Adult: $1.40.


Please complete a work order online for any repairs or work that you observe in our building.Make sure to submit only one item per work order and have the room # on the online request. 

Occasionally, you will be asked to a complete a facility inspection form. This will allow our custodians to focus on areas of immediate concern.If any custodial work is needed, please contact the office and we will make sure the custodians are notified. 

Please take extra care to close windows and turn off lights at the end of the day.Please stack chairs on top of the tables at the end of the day.For security reasons, please pull your window shades down or close your mini blinds completely at the end of the day.


TheWillardSchool District participates in the career ladder program, which give experienced teachers the opportunity to enhance their salaries for the extra work that they do.The program is run by your fellow teachers on the district Career Ladder Committee. Please contact Marsha Crotts for more information if you are interested in participating. 


WMS offers peer mediation through our conflict management program. The purpose is to teach students how to end disputes constructively and learn to cooperate and communicate with each other. Please refer student disputes to conflict management before circumstances escalate into discipline. Referral forms are located in the teacher’s workroom file cabinet or in the counseling center.


A copy machine is provided in the workroom. The machine requires an access code for use. Please contact the office if there is a problem with the machine or the inputting of your code.Your access code is the last four digits of your social security number.


The district employs a copy technician for your convenience. Please make use of this service when needing more than fifteen (15) copies of an original. Request forms are in the workroom file cabinet.


Please provide a course syllabus for each student in each course you teach.A copy of each syllabus needs to be turned into the office. The syllabus at a minimum should include classroom rules, consequences, needed supplies and materials, and goals and objectives of the course.


Departments will meet once per month to discuss curricular issues. They will make sure everyone is focused on our curriculum guides, share teaching ideas and progress, discuss department budgets and activities, and make sure we are all preparing our students for the MAP.The third Monday right after school is dedicated to department meetings.


Good school discipline starts with the commitment from every faculty member to be on duty at all times.Please address any disciplinary situations you observe, whether or not one of your students is involved or you are directly responsible for the area.

Please use the Assertive Discipline Plan form (located in the workroom file cabinet) to record any behavior that needs to be reported to the office.For behavior that does not require immediate referral to the office, please send the form to the office at your convenience.Also, parent contact must be made before making these referrals.The office will contact that student at the earliest possible time for a conference and disciplinary action.

For gross violations of student conduct that requires immediate attention from the principal, send the student to the office with a form and call to let the office know the student is on the way.Please fill out the Disciplinary Referral form (located in the workroom file cabinet) completely and be concise in your comments.A copy will be returned to you with the administrative action noted.

Remember that the forms, exactly as you write it, can and will be read by parents and other professionals.It is a matter of record.DO NOT INCLUDE OTHER STUDENT’S NAMES ON THE FORM.


Teachers are to maintain a professional appearance.Casual attire (ie. sweats/jeans) should be reserved for special days such as t-shirt days/field trips etc.Undergarments should not be seen through or outside of clothing.No midriffs should be seen.Teachers should follow the same guidelines as set forth for student attire.


Flip charts should be located by the door in every room.This chart instructs where the class should go in case of an emergency.


Faculty and staff will be notified by phone chain in case of school cancellation.The phone tree will be distributed shortly after the start of school. Please help keep the chain intact by calling the next person on the list. If you are unable to reach the person you are supposed to call, continue trying until you speak to a person rather than an answering machine.


Faculty meetings will be held once per month, on the fourth Monday of the month at 2:30 in the library. If you have any items that you would like on the agenda, please contact the office by 3:30 the day before the meeting.


All fund raisers must be coordinated with the sponsor/advisor/coach and the principal. One fund-raiser will be allowed per club/team.At the beginning of the year, you must sign up on the fund-raiser list with the principal.NO MONEY SHOULD BE LEFT IN YOUR ROOM OVERNIGHT.All money must be deposited daily in the office. 


A sign-up sheet will be available at the beginning of school for teachers to sign up to work the gates at athletic events.


The following grading scale should be used for each course:


A= 96-100C= 74-76

A- = 90-95C- = 70-73

B+ = 87-89D+ = 67-69

B= 84-86D= 64-66

B- = 80-83D- = 60-63

C+ = 77-79F= 0-59


Guest speakers who can discuss or demonstrate to the subject matter are welcome at WillardMiddle School.Please check with the principal before inviting guest speakers.


All teachers are strongly encouraged to add student work to the hallway and show off their student’s successes.The hallways are equipped with bulleting boards and glass cases for displaying student work.


Each student and teacher will be issued an ID card.The card does not have to be worn, but needs to be present during lunch and admission to all home athletic events (except tournaments).The athletic pass is $15 dollars and can be purchased at the office.


All students must report to the cafeteria.Students will be allowed to go into the Student Union after eating if supervision is available.Prices: student $1.75 reduced $.40 and teachers $2.50.Lunch supervision list was provided at faculty registration.



Faculty mailboxes are located in the faculty workroom.Please check and empty your mailbox daily.


The media center is open from 7:10 A.M. until 3:30 P.M.Please schedule and reserve time as soon as possible when you need to bring entire classes.Never send more than five students at a time without accompanying them.Students must have a written and timed pass to enter the media center.Reserved time for classes takes precedence over individual passes.Please do not send students to the media center to take tests.


All reports will be done in the SIS program.These reports are signed by parents, returned and filed by the advisory teacher.


Daily Announcements

Please read the daily announcements to your advisory class each day.You can access daily announcements through SIS.The announcements will consist of a student section and a faculty section.Please keep the faculty section away from the view of students, as it will occasionally contain confidential information.Please turn in announcement items to the office by 3:00 P.M. the previous day.

Team Newsletter

Teams will submit newsletter items to Marsha Crotts at each mid-quarter and quarter report.It is important that we communicate with the public and let them know about the exciting things happening at WMS.


Parking for staff is in the front of the WMS building.


Tenured Teachers

All tenured teachers will receive one scheduled formative observation during the school year and a summative every three years.

Probationary Teachers

All probationary teachers will receive two formative observations and one summative during the school year.The first observation will be scheduled at the teacher’s convenience and the second will be an unscheduled observation.

Informal Observations

Classrooms will occasionally be visited for a few minutes at a time throughout the year.


TheWillardR-IISchool District has a Professional Development Plan to encourage professional growth for both new and experienced teachers.The WMS representatives on this committee are Carolyn Nixon and Beth Robinson.


If you incur expenses for school related purposes such as mileage to activities or materials that you have purchased, please fill out a reimbursement form located in the workroom file cabinet.The districts mileage and travel time standards are located on the bulletin board in the workroom.


Requisitions must be completed before ordering any equipment or supplies.An order authorizing the purchase will be issued after approval from the principal.Requisitions need to be typed on the computer before giving them to the office (template available – ask office).A copy of the approved purchase order will be put in your mailbox.

Please return all receipts/packing slips/invoices to the office.Final board approval for payment will be at the regular monthly meeting, normally held the third Thursday of each month.Any purchase made without administrative approval may not be reimbursed.


Scholastic awards will be given at the end of the year to those students who have achieved top grades in their classes.Teachers have flexibility to decide criteria and which classes will receive awards.


The WillardR-IISchool District takes the safety of every student very seriously.To help protect students and secure our building, we have taken several precautions.All outside doors to our school building are locked during the school day except for the main entrance by the office.Security cameras are placed around the building and record twenty-four hours a day.All visitors to the building must check in at the office and wear a visitor’s pass while in the building.

If you see anyone in the building that is unfamiliar to you and who is not wearing a name tag or badge, please politely introduce yourself and ask them their name and purpose for being in the building.Then ask them to check in at the office and get a visitors tag so that everyone will not worry about their presence here.Also, if you see any suspicious activity or anything that might be a security risk, please report it to the office.


For the sake of their safety and welfare, students should never be left unsupervised during the school day or during extracurricular activities.If you should ever need to leave a group of students you are supervising, please contact another teacher or the office to cover for you.

Remember that supervision is best provided when teachers have the attitude that they are always on duty, always responsible for the children around them, regardless of whose class it may be.Please help supervise hallways and restrooms in your area of the building.

Bus and parking lot supervision schedule was handed out during faculty registration.


If you need supplies for your classroom (such as staples, rubber bands, dry erase markers, etc), fill out the supply list (located in the workroom file cabinet) and turn into the office.


Telephones are provided in each teacher’s room.During the school day, all calls will be put into voice mail.If you know that a parent/doctor/etc.will be calling, let the office know so they can put the call through.


Keep an accurate record in your grade book of all textbooks issued.Have each student complete a textbook inspection form (located in the workroom file cabinet) prior to issuing a textbook.Please maintain all inspection forms for a minimum of one year for reference purposes.


WMS is a tobacco-free area.In order to set a good example for our students, use of any tobacco products by any employee of Willard R-II Schools on school property is prohibited.

Willard R-II Field Trip Information

Elementary (K-6)
*Annual funding/budgets will determine field trips.
*Choose closer competitions.
*NO Monday field trips during the school day.
*NO Monday Field trips during the school day.
*NO Branson field trips during the school day.
*NO Branson field trips during the school day.
*Field trips from grants will count as the one field trip. The school doesn’t necessarily have to cover the cost of all field trips.
*Reduce number of trips where appropriate.
*An appropriate number of grants can be written per grade level.
*Overnight trips for state competitions only.
*It is the teachers responsibility to collect the money from the institution providing the grant by June 1st.
*Research the possibility of students driving themselves to activities within the area.
*Field trips within 60 mile radius. (Exception for 4th grade JeffCity trip.)
*Spread trips out over the year. Don’t wait until May. (Cut of date to be set.)
*Spread trips out over the year. Don’t wait until May.
*Athletics/Activities must follow adhere to MSHAA guidelines.
*Must be related to curriculum/GLEs/Instructional goals
*Must be related to curriculum/GLEs/Instructional goals.
*Student and/or PTO funding will be acceptable. 
*Monthly deadline to submit trip requests will be set by building administrator/bus supervisor. 
*Choose closer competitions.
*An appropriate number of grants can be written.
Teacher/Chaperone/Sponsor Expectations
Teacher/Chaperone/Sponsor Expectations
*Responsible for all students at all times.
*Responsible for all students at all times.
*All students must be ON THE BUS at time designated by bus driver to get back to school to run required routes.
*All students must be ON THE BUS at time designated by bus driver to get back to school to run required routes.
*Responsible for monitoring students behavior while ON the bus.
*Responsible for monitoring students behavior while ON the bus.
*All bus rules must be covered prior to leaving for the trip and must be followed.
*All bus rules must be covered prior to leaving for the trip and must be followed.

*ALL trips must be approved by your administrator.

*Field trips may be canceled due to driver shortage and/or weather.