Simple Machines

"Understanding Simple Machines" Learn about six types of simple machines: the inclined plane, the wedge, the screw, the pulley, the lever, and the wheel and axle.

Simple Machines - The Ithaca City School District has a nice site about simple machines for grades 3+. Click on any of the pictures of the simple machines to learn more about them.

MIKids Simple Machines Page - Waukazoo Elementary School in Holland, Michigan offers brief explanations of all the simple machines and has a great collection of photos demonstrating objects that represent each type.

Simple Machines from "inQuiry Almanack" by Franklin Institute "Simple machines make work easier. Our Spotlight on Simple Machines just may make teaching easier. Share your ideas for compound machines--two or more simple machines working together--in the compound machine gallery."

Gander Academy Theme Units - Simple Machines A nice collection of resources from Jim Cornish, Grade Five Teacher, Gander Academy, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.

Simple Machines - Another terrific collection of internet resources compiled by The Educational Technology Training Center at Kennesaw State University .

Work Is Simple With Simple Machines A "Rhode Island Teacher Projects Integrating Technology Into Math and Science Curriculum SMART96" Project investigating simple machines and their usefulness in everyday life.

The Elements of Machines: Simple Machines From the Inventor's Toolbox section of the "Leonardo's Workshop" website: "These devices were all in common use for centuries before Leonardo's time. Each one makes work easier to do by providing some trade-off between the force applied and the distance over which the force is applied."

Teachers' Resources
(Lesson Plans and Activities)

J and J Simple Machines - In this WebQuest you will learn definitions and to identify examples of simple machines. You will then be able to investigate various compound and complex machines and locate examples of each simple machine defined. This information will enable you to create a new compound machine to solve a problem.
Simple Machines WebQuest - It is your job in this WebQuest to invent a new machine. Not just any machine, but a compound machine based on the work of Rube Goldberg. You will need to use all 6 simple machines in an unusual arrangement to accomplish a simple task.

Moving Along with Simple Machines (integrated unit): This integrated unit was prepared by teachers of the Henry County Public Schools in McDonough, Georgia.

SMART96: Simple Machines "Simple Machines Make the World Go Round" - Students will use the Internet to locate information on various simple machines. They will be given various activities in all curriculum areas. Upon successful completion and assessment, students will be able to use the Internet and have knowledge of simple machines.

Dirtmeister: Simple Machines From Scholastic Online. What are simple machines and where can you find them? Simple machines help you move things more easily, and you can find them everywhere!
Hello, science reporters! I challenge you to learn about the six types of simple machines. Then find an example of one you've seen at school, home, or anywhere and write about it. Get started by investigating the facts.

Simple Machine Activities From Cody's Science Education Zone. Rather than a traditional lesson plan, this page is a collection of ideas and resources to bring the topic of simple machines alive for students.