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Willard Central's Community Time
Willard Central meets every morning in the gymnasium for Community Time. This is a time that unifies our building, an Accelerated School Principle, by sharing celebrations, events, news, songs, and more. Each day students and teachers work together to provide information on weather, lunch menu for the day, and skits performed from classroom learning. 
If you have yet to visit a Community Time with us, please join us soon!

SEPT 2006
Accelerated Schools  Awareness
Martin Truex, Jr.'s Bass Pro Car made a special appearance! The students learned
all about accelerated schools and how they keep "accelerated" by the many
accomplishments at Willard Central!

(We also had a lesser known "NASCAR" driver appear in his racecar to share with students the importance of these principles and how we use them each and every day.
See Photos--click here

OCT. 2006 Willard Central celebrated
Red Ribbon Week October 23rd through 26th.
Many thanks to Leonard Tate for donating the drug-free ribbons to students!
Willard High School Thespians: October 24th
Terrific Tiger Assembly: October 31st
Pictured right: A student and Ms. Hobbs discuss "Building on Strengths," an accelerated school principle, through hard work and dedication.

isn't easy--it takes

NOV. 2006
10th: Veterans Day Celebration

15th: Second graders have a special guest who visited with them about Native Americans' way of life

16th: Grandparents Day Celebration with Second Graders

21st: Mrs. Gray's class' Crazy Hair Day!

21st: A Pilgrim serves up a feast!

To see photos of these events, click here